Make A Referral

We accept referrals from DCS, local courts and individuals who are wanting support.

Self Referral

Please call us at 574-287-4375 or email us at

DCS Referrals

Please make a referral through KidTraks to FIRE Inc.

Court Referrals

Please download/complete the following form, and email us at

What Happens After A Referral

Upon receiving a referral, individuals are contacted as soon as possible to set up services, which begins with a Families First Center intake.

Intakes are scheduled with all clients who are receiving direct services from our team.

For those receiving supervised visitation/parenting time services, Families First Center will contact the custodial parents, legal guardians, or placement after an intake is complete to gather their availability. Once availability is received from all parties, Families First Center will compare availability with the Center's current openings, making the best effort to accommodate all schedules so services can start as soon as possible. There may be times when Families First Center is unable to accommodate all party's availability restrictions at the time of referral. In these situations, families may be placed on a waitlist and in these instances, families are also encouraged to explore other service providers.