Volunteer Opportunities

Community Outreach Volunteer

Position Title: Community Outreach Volunteer

Supervisor: Nicholle Probst, Executive Director of Families First Center.

How to Apply: Send completed application (below) to admin@familiesfirstcenter.org

Applicant Type: Community members, students (must be 18 years or older), anyone interested in helping to strengthen families and end child abuse and neglect.

Description: Families First Center provides services to children and families with an overall goal of healing and strengthening the family dynamic. This includes providing services to families as a group as well as education for family members individually. Services are provided in a safe and neutral environment, with the best interest of children always being the guiding principle. As a Volunteer, you will help identify and coordinate (in conjunction with staff) outreach events and activities including; traveling workshops, tabling booths, networking meetings to help connect the community with Families First Center’s services for both external and internal community outreach purposes to communicate the mission and purpose of the organization.

Essential Position Functions:

·Help identify potential outreach and awareness opportunities

·Attend community events to represent Families First Center

·Engage community members and spearhead partnership agreements

Location and Time Commitment: Our facility is located in South Bend, IN. Our opportunities are flexible and can fit around your routine. Time commitment flexible and dependent upon outreach efforts and events.

Minimum Requirements: Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills are required. Must have the ability to effectively prepare and present information and services to various groups. Must present self in a professional manner. The ability to work independently or with others to manage multiple tasks with minimal supervision is essential. Light physical demands with transporting, setting up and taking down outreach materials, banners, tables, booths and more. Must submit an application and/or resume, complete interview, criminal background check, able to maintain strict standards of confidentiality, must have access to a computer, email, internet and phone.

Volunteer Benefits: Volunteers get to make an impact on the community and children who have been affected by abuse and neglect. Volunteers get to connect with others in the community we serve and help bring awareness to our services and other resources. Additionally, volunteers get practical experience with networking, communication skills, marketing and the confidence to build stronger partnerships.

Community Needs Met: Help us engage community members in outreach programs to increase their knowledge of our agency and services. Together we can bring more awareness to our community to end the suffering of abused and neglected children.