Parent Educator


The Parent Educator is a social worker (MSW) who is a responsible for supervising court ordered parenting time while providing education regarding parenting, discipline and child development as a means to assist parents in the lifelong task of disciplining, understanding, and loving their children. The Parent Educator will protect the integrity of the parenting time by providing a positive atmosphere where parents and children may connect and interact in a safe, structured environment. Additionally, she/he will adhere to the policies and procedures of Families First Center.


  • Upon receiving a case/referral, the Parent Educator will conduct an intake with the referred parents and then contact all parties to set up supervised parenting time. Every attempt must be made for visitation with the child’s parent to occur within 48 hours from the time of the completed intake. It is the responsibility of the Parent Educator to abide by the court ordered contract regarding amount of parenting time, the level of supervision, approved visitors and no contact orders.
  • The Parent Educator will monitor all interactions between the visiting family and will assist the family by strengthening, teaching, demonstrating, and role modeling appropriate skills using one of the following evidence-based programs (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting or 123 Magic.)
  • At each visit, the Parent Educator will accurately and objectively document using the approved Families First Center template. The Parent Educator will set goals, monitor progress and make written assessments and recommendations regarding the referred family. Reports are to be completed and sent to the referring agent within 5 days of the visit. In the event of a cancellation, a cancellation report must be send to the referring agent within 48 hours. A monthly report for each assigned case must be sent to the referring agent no later than 10 days after the month end. It is the responsibility of the Parent Educator to keep current and accurate information in the client files.
  • Parent Educators are expected to provide parents with education, support and feedback with regard to progress outside of the supervised parenting time, either individually or in a structured parenting class.
  • The Parent Educator is expected to attend meetings and court hearings upon request by the referring agent. It is the responsibility of the Visitation Supervisor to communicate with the Clinical Supervisor and the referring agent about their assigned cases. Any concerns need to be reported immediately via email to the Clinical Director and the referring agent.